Massage Therapy

Everyday stress, repetitive actions, and injuries cause pain that can seem to take up permanent residence in our bodies. Massage therapy is widely accepted and an effective treatment for aiding in injury rehabilitation and postural realignment, reducing stress, decreasing muscle pain and stiffness, and in the maintenance of healthy tissue.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves assessing the musculoskeletal system, and providing hands-on soft tissue therapy and mobilizations with the goal of alleviating tight and sore muscles, and preventing injury or pain.

Massage therapy involves the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body, and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by hands-on manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain.

Our massage therapists cater to clients of all ages including children, adults and seniors. Our services include a variety of massage techniques that are designed to relieve the pain and stress related to day-to-day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries.

Our massage treatments include:

  • Swedish Massage – This technique aims to achieve a relaxing, therapeutic massage. Swedish massage can be light to moderate in pressure, which has the benefit of increasing local venous and lymphatic return, improving circulation and reducing edema. The relaxing effect of this technique helps to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease muscle tension and soreness, and improve sleep.
  • Deep tissue massage – This technique consist of Swedish and non-Swedish techniques with moderate to deep pressure, focusing on relieving tension in the deep musculature and connect tissues. Therapists often use slow strokes with deeper finger pressure, and apply force levels closer to a patient’s tolerance levels.
  • Pregnancy-related massage – Pregnancy relates to a number of physiological and structural changes in women, many of which result in muscle and joint pain. Low back pain and pelvic girdle pain are two extremely common pregnancy-related symptoms that massage therapists can effectively treat. Regular maintenance treatment while progressing through pregnancy can significantly improve pain, function, and quality of life.

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