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Our Mission

The Cornerstone of Functional Integrated Therapies is a collaborative, holistic approach to how we provide healthcare to our community.  Our methods reflect our passion of building a strong team of expert, complementary healthcare professionals, including chiropractic care, medical foot care, physiotherapy, and registered massage therapy. Backed by science, we will work as a team to improve your health, reduce your pain and discomfort, and improve the way you feel and move!

What does FIT stand for?


An innovative approach to treatment, which involves a comprehensive examination and assessment, including examining soft tissue, joint, and nervous system function. In the case of medical foot care, we focus on assessing and treating pathologies on the lower limb and foot.  We will implement a customized treatment plan, drawing from a combination of a variety of therapies.

Integrated Therapies 

We offer a collaborative healthcare setting where our expert, regulated health care professionals assume complimentary roles in the management of their patients. We work as a team and have your best interest in mind.  Our multifaceted approach to your health and wellness will help you feel and move your best, prevent risk of injuries and disease, reduce pain, and improve your overall health.

What we offer

At FIT Healthcare, we believe FIT means being in good physical condition, or having optimal overall health, including being well-adapted to our environment. Our society is advanced. We have never been more comfortable, but our bodies have never been more ill-suited for our various daily environments. Our bodies require daily physical activity, our joints need more movement through their natural range of motion, our minds need periods of stimulation, followed by periods of rest and recovery. It’s unfortunate, but many struggle to find balance in life, and have difficulty managing the many stressors that affect physical health.

The FIT difference

Our full-body, multifaceted approach can help restore balance within your body.  We work as a team to help you meet your personal health goals. We will help you reduce tension, manage stress, increase your range of motion, build your strength, and improve your quality of life!

Improve the way you move, and live pain free, so you can continue to do the things you love


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At FIT Healthcare, we provide the highest quality evidenced-based care, and we’ll work with you to meet your goals and ensure you live the happiest and healthiest life possible!

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